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Back Up Your Data

The availability of electronic data (files, records, etc) to authorized individuals is critical to the continued operation of every enterprise. Whenever that data is no longer available or accessible, operations can come to a grinding halt.

Electronic data may be lost for any reason: hard drive malfunction, accidental or intentional deletion, or corruption due to computer viruses, worms and other malware (malicious software).

Please remember to backup your data on a regular basis, at least once per week. Be sure to copy important files to other media such as a floppy disk, CD-ROM, external hard drive, or mini USB Drive. Take advantage of University network drives if available, and use them to store any critical data.

Keep your backups in a secure area away from the computer as a precaution against theft or damage. Although, in some instances, lost data can be recovered, the productivity lost due to “down time” cannot be recovered.

Posted September 24, 2004