Awareness : Security Awareness Tips

Beware of “Phishing”

Many of us have recently become targets of “phishing”, a form of fraudulent solicitation where scammers send emails pretending to be from trusted brands such as banks, credit card companies, or online retailers. Among the more popular brands used are Citibank and EBay.

The emails ask recipients for personal information such as account numbers, social security numbers, PIN numbers, or passwords, stating that these are necessary to confirm billing information or to avoid account closure.

The emails also contain links to “spoofed” web pages which may look exactly like those of a legitimate firm. *Do not click on any of these links or reply to any of these emails.* They contain instructions for you to submit your personal information.

Once submitted, you become a victim of identity theft, subject to financial loss and/or other legal problems. Avoid emailing any personal information. Confirm any email solicitations by phoning the trusted brand at a known number; or by visiting the brand’s website directly by typing in their known web address in a new browser window.

Posted October 25, 2004