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Implementation of Automated Patient Privacy Monitoring

The privacy and security of health information are extremely important.  Patients trust their healthcare providers to keep their information private and this trust can influence where they choose to receive their healthcare. The updated Florida Information Protection Act of 2014,  combined with the national HIPAA/HITECH Final Rule, calls for stricter enforcement and fines on organizations that breach the confidentiality of patient and other sensitive information.  Please do your part by ONLY accessing patient information in our systems for legitimate clinical, research, teaching or business needs.  To assist in these efforts, the FairWarning patient privacy monitoring system has been implemented as of Monday, August 11, 2014. This tool allows us to proactively monitor our clinical systems that house patient information and provide data related to activities including, but not limited to, users accessing medical records of VIPs, family members or UM employees.

The system will provide a list of possible exceptions that will be evaluated and, where appropriate, investigated by our Office of HIPAA Privacy and Security staff in conjunction with Human Resources and the applicable department.  Individuals who engage in inappropriate activity regarding patient information (accessing information for a non-business or clinical need) are subject to sanctions, as determined by Human Resources and/or Faculty Affairs.

We appreciate all that you do for UHealth and ask that you join in efforts to respect patient privacy and build patient trust.  For any questions, please contact the Office of HIPAA Privacy & Security at 305-243-5000 or email

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