Awareness : Security Awareness Tips

Monitor All Visitor Activities

Many of us receive on-campus visits from individuals who are not members of the University of Miami workforce.

While we may carefully monitor the activities of visitors who are strangers, we often let our guard down when visitors are already known to us. These include ex-employees, friends and family members.

We may even allow our visitors access to our workstations to “check their personal email” or “surf the internet” during the time they are with us. Unfortunately, history is littered with examples of visitors doing harm to enterprise resources: downloading malware, deleting or stealing critical or sensitive data, releasing data to unauthorized parties, playing email pranks or hoaxes, or damaging or destroying computer resources critical to business operations.

Visitors should not be allowed access to University computer resources without authorization from the appropriate University officials. Under no circumstances should visitors be allowed in areas where they may have access to sensitive information, especially protected health information. Please be sure to carefully monitor the activities of all visitors, regardless of familiarity; you never know when your next visitor could be a “Trojan Horse.”

Posted October 11, 2004