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Safeguard your Computer from Malware

“Malware” or malicious software is one of the greatest threats to the confidentiality, integrity and availability of Electronic Protected Health Information (EPHI). Malware, which includes computer viruses, worms and “Trojan horses”, is software designed to disrupt, damage and/or hijack computer systems.

Unless intercepted, malware can spread rapidly across computer networks causing widespread system failures and loss of data. Having reputable anti-virus software installed can safeguard your computer from being infected by or spreading most forms of malware.

If you access EPHI on University resources as a part of your responsibilities, please make sure that your computer has University-licensed anti-virus software installed. Verify that your anti-virus software is being updated on a regular basis with the latest virus definitions. If you are uncertain about your computer’s virus protection, contact your System Administrator immediately.

For additional information on malware, read Microsoft’s Malware FAQ.

Posted December 6, 2004