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Secure your Laptop

The portability of a laptop gives you the convenience of being able to work almost anywhere. This convenience, however, comes with the increased risk of your laptop being lost or stolen. It is easy to misplace a laptop and thieves often target laptops for the data they may contain. Please exercise vigilance over your laptops, especially if they contain sensitive data or can access University systems containing protected health information.

Avoid leaving your laptop unattended. If you must leave your laptop, be sure that it is left in a locked desk drawer or cabinet; or that it is secured via cable lock to an immobile object. Backup any data on your laptop frequently to a network drive or other external storage media. Secure access to your laptop’s data behind a username and strong password, and consider encrypting particularly sensitive data. Be sure to disable the “Guest” accounts for your laptop’s operating system. For additional laptop security tips, please visit .

Posted November 22, 2004