Awareness : Security Awareness Tips

Securing your Desktop

Unattended computers can compromise the security of data. Locking your computer is one of the simplest ways to prevent unauthorized access to your machine.

When a computer is locked, no one will be able to access your computer or the network through your user account unless they know your password.

The Microsoft Windows NT/2000/XP Professional operating systems provide a simple way for users to lock their computers: Press _CTRL+ALT+DEL_ and click “_Lock Computer_.” To unlock your computer, press _CTRL+ALT+DEL_, type in your password, and click “_OK_.”

Please remember to lock your computers, even if you are stepping away for only a few minutes; a few minutes is enough time for someone else to compromise your data. Please also remember to log off your computers before leaving for the day.

Posted September 13, 2004