Data Broker Services : Other Common Requests

For all other requests please send an e-mail to with the Data Broker group ( cc’ed.

Access to Epic Cubes for Hospital Billing/Professional Billing

  • Provide the name and e-mail of each individual requiring access as well as
    • What cubes/environments need access to
    • Why the access is needed
  • Have a supervisor or other individual in group leadership (if not the requester) send an e-mail approving the access. This “supervisor” not only authorizes the request, but is also responsible for notifying UHealth IT if that individual no longer has a job-related need for access.

For Provider / Department Credentialing

  • Provide the reason for the request
  • Please provide the filters/criteria for the request (i.e. provider name & NPI, CPT procedure codes, date of service range, provider location, etc.)
  • What fields to include in the output file (i.e. provider location, CPT procedure codes, units, date of service, etc.)

Workbench Data Reviews

If data needs to be either stored or moved from a Secure Workbench (secure, restricted environment inclusive of data analytic tools, provided by Research IT)

  • Please briefly describe the details of this project including the need for PHI.
    • If for research, provide the related eProst number.
  • Have a project lead (or another administrator within the area) send an e-mail stating their approval of this project.
  • Provide a Variable Dictionary, spreadsheet, list, etc. of all variables included in the data file. If easier please provide the actual location (i.e. which secure workbench the data are on).
  • List the individuals who will be receiving the data as well the reason for their need for PHI data. Also include how the data should be transmitted to those individuals.