Data Broker Services : Research Requests with Consent to Contact

Research Requests with Consent to Contact

How to submit a request for a Consent to Contact participant list via REDCap
Prior to submission, check the following:

  • Feasibility – perform a feasibility check/query using existing tools (i.e. URIDE, Slicer Dicer) to verify whether UHealth has patients meeting study criteria
  • Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria - Determine the applicable Diagnosis Codes (ICD-10/ICD-9) and Procedure Codes (CPT/HCPCS) as well as other relevant criteria (age ranges, providers, locations, start and end dates of service) for the population of interest
  • IRB Approved Protocol – have approval and eProst number
  • Consent to Contact must be listed as a method of recruitment in the study protocol
    • Related Consent to Contact documents (i.e. script, sample dialogues, etc.) need to be listed in eProst
  • Obtain a waiver of authorization from the IRB
  • Study team members that will be calling the patients should be listed on the Study Team section in eProst
    • Have names and c-numbers
  • Complete the Consent to Contact REDCap form available here

What to include:

  • eProst Number
  • Project Title
  • PI Name & UM e-mail
  • Project Summary
  • Research area/pillars
  • Inclusion/Exclusion criteria
  • Study team member names & c-numbers of who will be calling and accessing participant data
  • Date range for request


  • Please obtain the appropriate HIPAA waivers of authorization prior to submitting the Consent to Contact request. Please review the HSRO’s Consent to Contact page for additional information.
  • Complete the Consent to Contact script template.
  • Consent to Contact subject list will only be available in REDCap for 90 days
  • Refreshed/updated consent to contact lists can be requested

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