Our Obligations

We are required by law to maintain the privacy of protected health information (PHI). As a member of the University of Miami workforce, you must fully comply with all applicable laws securing the privacy and security of health information.

We must provide notice of our legal duties, privacy practices, and uses of patients’ health information regarding treatment, payment, operations, appointment reminders, fundraising, facility directories, family and friends, and research.

All University employees share in our responsibility. If you come in contact with patient health information as part of your work, you must become familiar with the University’s policies and procedures for the handling of health information. And if you use a computer as part of your work, you must learn and follow all applicable usage and security policies.

With respect to the HIPAA regulations, our office is responsible for maintaining over-arching administrative, technical, and physical policies to safeguard protected health information. We conduct risk assessments of EPHI systems and recommend safeguards. We also develop material to help you understand your privacy and security responsibilities.

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