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Data Processing Addendum Web Form

The European Union General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), through its extra-territorial scope, imposes specific obligations on the University of Miami with regard to its relationships with entities engaged in Processing of Personal Data, as those terms are defined in Article 4 of the GDPR. For the purposes for these questions, EU shall mean the 28 member countries of the European Union.

Please complete the form below and send a copy of the underlying contract between the vendor and the University to our office, via email at PrivacyContracts@miami.edu. We will then determine if a data processing addendum is required and begin the process of establishing the addendum, if necessary and appropriate.

All fields with an * are required and you must click the Submit button at the bottom of this page. This form should only be completed by a member of the University’s workforce.

Please note that this form REQUIRES you to obtain the entity’s answers to the questions in section “Data Processing – Entity Responses” below. Do not begin filling this out until such information is obtained as you will not be able to submit and lose your responses.