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Guided Tour of HIPAA for Privacy Officers


This tutorial provides a structured "tour" of the glossary entries for HIPAA. Privacy officers must know a little about everything in HIPAA, as well as about privacy and security issues generally. So this tour is, potentially, a long one.

It is not expected that you will remember everything you read (or glance at) in these entries. The point is to gain an overall familiarity with the material and, of equal importance, a sense of where you can find information when specific questions arise.

As you read entries, you can use your browser's "back" button to return to this page, or you can pursue links within each entry that will take you on a different path. There is no one right way to use the materials here.

Who and what is covered by HIPAA

Patients' rights under HIPAA

Covered entities' general responsibilities under HIPAA

Specific rules for use and disclosure of patient information

Routine office practices and privacy/security requirements

Dealing with privacy problems

Timetable for implementation

Other parts of HIPAA

More background information


last modified: 19-Nov-2002 [RC]


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